Monday Check In!

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Monday Check In!
Mon, 07-30-2012 - 9:59am

Ladies - some of us are nearing the END of our second trimester!  How exciting is that!! Before we know it - we're going to be ready to deliver our babies!

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?

How far along are you?

Any appointments?

What are you eating lately?

How are your moods?

What are you enjoying?

What are you not enjoying?

Jules - Happily married and Momma to DS, DD and expecting our Caboose Baby 11/24/2012

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 10:04am

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? I have been SO TIRED.  Also - the Braxton Hicks have decided to show up!! Ugh!!! My belly is SORE.

How far along are you? 23 weeks.  That's 17 left.  But, who's counting...HA!

Any appointments? Not this week.  I thought I was going to have to go in after this weekend, but I woke up feeling alright this morning. 

What are you eating lately? Too many carbs, I'm sure.  I am also enjoying tomatoes and avocadoes with my dinner usually. 

How are your moods? Unpredictable.  In general, I'm cranky.  DH basically can't do anything right.  And he is the type of personality to just rub that fact in.  It was an interesting weekend!

What are you enjoying? The feeling of this little girl moving and just knowing that pregnancy doesn't last forever. 

What are you not enjoying? That even though I know it doesn't last forever, this PREGNANCY IS LASTING FOREVER.  Oh, and Braxton Hicks and shooting pains in my right side from heavens knows what!!

Jules - Happily married and Momma to DS, DD and expecting our Caboose Baby 11/24/2012

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 10:57am

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?  I'm feeling good. Really, I've had it so easy so I can't complain.  Okay..well.. I will a little. :-)  My ANKLES!  I HATE that my feet and ankles swell and oh yeah, my back hurts daily.  Chiropractor helped.  But the stretches and ice are making the most difference. 

How far along are you? 24 weeks this week.

Any appointments?  Next Monday is my GD test. I hear this one is a blast...

What are you eating lately?Fruit. Hummus.  and whatever else.  Just glad not to be picky anymore.  I can't eat much at a time though.  That's pretty annoying.  lol

How are your moods?Okay.  I guess.  I can cry pretty easily at tv stuff and songs and such.  But my moods have improved greatly since the beginning. 

What are you enjoying? Seeing and feeling the kicks.  Best thing ever!

What are you not enjoying?  The swollen ankles and aching back.  The back pain is terrible.  I'm used to my back hurting pretty regularly anyway, but this is like my normal pain, amplified. 

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 12:04pm

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?  Feeling good.  I do need to take a nap everyday and go to bed by 10 or I start cramping and having contractions- not fun.

How far along are you? I'll be 25 weeks this week!

Any appointments? My next OB is tomorrow and I get to have the GD test done and probably start the progesterone shots.

What are you eating lately? Pretty much anything. I crave carbs all the time.  

How are your moods?  My moods are good, I just am tired and sore all the time.

What are you enjoying? I love feeling Caleb move around.  He isn't highly active, just moves gently. 

What are you not enjoying? That I am huge! Everyone has mentioned how much I have grown in the last couple weeks.  I am about 7 pounds over my prepregnancy weight.  I am having a big boy this time around!

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 4:47pm
How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?

Im feeling ok. I have started getting nose bleeds again, and I have been feels really uncomfortable, but thats all part of pregnancy!

How far along are you?

25 Weeks. YAY!

Any appointments?

Not till Aug. 8th

What are you eating lately?

I have fallin in LOVE with these Peanut Rolls I found at the Dollar Store lol

How are your moods?

They are pretty good, I dont think I am AS moody lol

What are you enjoying?

All of the little kicks and punches. My husband and I love laying in bed at the end of the day/early in the morning and feeling them and watching my belly move!

What are you not enjoying?

Getting more and more uncomfortable!
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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 10:09pm

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? Feeling tired! The only new symptom I've got this week is feeling out of breath a lot. Some days I just can't seem to catch my breath, and it's driving me crazy!

How far along are you? Will be 26 weeks on Thursday!

Any appointments? Have my next check up on Friday, will hopefully schedule my glucose test and follow-up ultrasound then

What are you eating lately? Everything! My appetite seems to have decreased a little, but I still find myself hungry a lot!

How are your moods? Not too bad. I've had a couple of tearful moments lately, and one day when I just couldn't snap out of the "funk" I was in, but otherwise it's been pretty good.

What are you enjoying? Feeling this little girl kicking and making her presence known. It's really awesome to feel her kick and know that every hour, every day, she is just growing stronger and getting ready to join this world and our family. Thinking that way also helps keep me from being too impatient :smileywink:

What are you not enjoying? Being as big as a whale in this crazy heat! I'm so glad that the last part of this pregnancy will be during cooler weather! I'm also not enjoying being so exhausted all the time, I really feel like I just can't get enough rest. 

--Heather-- proud mommy to five amazing kids and one more on the way!!

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 10:58pm

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? Feeling ok. I've started to get lower back pain if I overdo it with cleaning or at work. I also have had some weird tingling in my hands and feet, but mostly my left hand. I think it's from sleeping on my arm while on my side.

How far along are you? 23 weeks on Thursday.

Any appointments? Nope, I just had one on Friday. My next big appointment day is August 24th. I have a fetal echocardiogram in the morning (my mom had a slight heart defect and they're going to check things out), and my 26 week appointment in the afternoon. I have my lab paperwork ready to go to do the glucose test the week before.

What are you eating lately? Much of the same. I've been having a smoothie in the morning and a bagel after I get to work. I tend to eat the same things regularly. Greek yogurt, apples, avocados, etc.

How are your moods? Better than last week. I had been pretty emotional. I was able to get some long skype conversations in with DH. Talking with him always helps my mood.

What are you enjoying? Same as everyone else, feeling regular kicks. It's a constant reassurance that he's getting bigger and stronger!

What are you not enjoying? Work. It was busier last week than it has been in the last several months and I had a harder time than expected keeping up. 

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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 1:20pm

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? Still physically not quite as peppy as usual, a lot slower and less active as i usually am

How far along are you? 24 weeks

Any appointments?  My Dr has schedule dme for the 2 hour glucose test because she is worried about gestational diabetes even though i have no factor other than beign a little older... I just make big babies  Regular OBGYN appointment aug 13.

What are you eating lately?I am on a low carb diet because i makie big babies, DS was over 9 lbs 6 oz and this after a diet. So far baby is measuring larger. I haven't gained a lot of weight but baby is physically obviosly large. Small bowl cereal for breakfast. Salad for lunch , low carb greek yogurt for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack Fruit and veg here and there and a decent supper. I am no longer allowed juice deserts or too many sweets, just water...

How are your moods?Fine just tend to loose patience because i am so tired

What are you enjoying? Food, what i am allowed to eat

What are you not enjoying? being tired and less physically able to do things, i also have a weird neuromuscular disease that gets worse when i am pregnant and the symptoms slow me down further. Otherwise all is manageable

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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 2:02pm

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?  pretty good...nothing new

How far along are you?  24 weeks!

Any appointments?  none for 2 weeks

What are you eating lately? whatever sounds good lol...i am just happy to be able to eat without throwing up!

How are your moods? i have been pretty moody...cried twice in the last week about things i probably wouldn't...i will just blame it on hormones!

What are you enjoying?  just trying to enjoy this part of pregnancy while i feel well. i am 99.9% sure this is my last so trying to enjoy it as it seems to be flying by! also, trying to enjoy the last 3 weeks of summer before my 2 older kids go back to school!

What are you not enjoying?  people telling me i am huge or you got really big this week; it's irritating. i mean if i weren't pregnant, people wouldn't say it.


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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 1:40pm

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms? I am feeling petty good, lots of energy

How far along are you? 24.5 weeks

Any appointments? I had one this morning, it was just a general bp check/ heartbeat one. My next big on is on the 29th where my thyroid will be checked, placenta position/ scheduling of C-section if needed, and GD test. 

What are you eating lately? Lots of fruit smoothies, ice cream, peanut butter cups, whole wheat bagels w/ butter, plain popcorn

How are your moods? Good moods when I can get 10 hours of sleep and plenty of water

What are you enjoying? Finally preparing for the baby! We have cleaned out the room we are staying in at DH's parents house and started washing the baby clothes and diapers! I also purchased my first toy for Aibhlin, a pink elephant toy that hooks onto the carseat handle/ bouncy seat.

What are you not enjoying? The heartburn, needing to have at least 70 oz of water a day or I swell up and get uncomfortable, kicks to my bladder which seems to always be full.