Morning Sickness

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Morning Sickness
Wed, 03-14-2012 - 7:17am
Ugh! Morning sickness in full force now. Over the past week I would get a little queasy here and there. Yesterday and today is a lot worse. I've been nibbling on toast and crackers. Guess I'm going to have to get some ginger ale to sip at.
Goodbye morning coffee! I can't stomach you anymore.
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Wed, 03-14-2012 - 7:51am
So sorry that you aren't feeling well. I hope that the toast and ginger ale help.
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Thu, 03-15-2012 - 1:08pm
I am with you Jen - mine really started yesterday. I was also queasy and nauseous here and there but now its full force. I couldn't even drink water yesterday because it hit my tummy like a tonne of bricks and threatened to come right back out! Gingerale, toast, crackers, and boiled eggs for protein are all i can eat through the day. Luckily it lifted around 5 or 6 so i could have supper - i hope it is the same today because it is killing my energy (not helped by needing to give up tea to keep my tummy settled).

Hope your feeling better today. If not at least it is a good sign of a healthy baby.
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