Think Mom Knows

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Think Mom Knows
Fri, 03-09-2012 - 9:21pm
I swear my mom knows I'm pregnant. I haven't told her yet. I'm sure she's not gojng to be happy about it. Yet she made 4 or 5 baby comments today. I'm freaking out a little. I know I need to tell her, and soon, yet I'm sure this pregnancy isn't going to go over well with any of our family members.
So sad that I'm scared of my mom at my age.
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Fri, 03-09-2012 - 10:09pm
She can't really do much at this point...if you think she knows...maybe its time to bring it up?
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Sat, 03-10-2012 - 12:58am
Just tell her and get it over with. I was scared to tell my mom too. We recently had a falling out when my husband was offered a wonderful job position, but it involved moving from OK to WA and away from all family and friends. No one in my family respected our decision or even tried to understand. She's played the guilt trip card on me a lot for taking her only grandbaby away from her, and now he's going to grow up and forget who she is (according to her). So I knew that telling her would be hard b/c she would make me feel bad......but I was pleasantly surprised that she wasn't like that at all. She told me congrats and that she was happy for me and that she wouldn't be as involved with this one as she was with DS, but that we would make it work.

I felt so much better just getting it off of my chest. Even if she would have reacted the way I expected her to, I would have felt the sense of relief. And with this crucial first trimester, we need to do what we can to alieviate(sp?) any stress. If that made any sense?! haha!

Good luck!