told a few people

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told a few people
Mon, 03-19-2012 - 1:46pm

So, I told my parents yesterday, and I told my kids too! The older 2 (9 and 6) were excited! I was able to get hold of my sister and hoping to talk to my brother this afternoon! We live about 1400 miles from all of our family so we are starting to make lots of calls! So far, all positive reactions!


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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 2:14pm
Yay!!! That's always good! We haven't told ANYONE yet. It's going to be a few weeks before we do, I think.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 4:10pm
That's great! I've only told my best friends from my April 08 group! I'm too nervous to tell anyone else yet!
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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 5:50pm
My husband started telling people the day after we found out:) I just started telling people last week. My mom was stunned. Especially since it's been 7 1/2 years since our last baby. Our girls were super excited too. Congrats and good luck!