Off topic cheer - FINALLY found a cup for my DD

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Off topic cheer - FINALLY found a cup for my DD
Mon, 08-20-2012 - 11:29am

It's been a real struggle to find a cup my DD will drink out of without making a royal mess.  She would never use any type of bottle or pacifier.  She would only use cups with silicone nipples or straws.  The problem being they wear out and leak very quickly.  Since she drinks mostly chocolate soy milk, that meant every outfit was stained the first time she wore it.  Talk about getting old and very expensive.  We're only on day two, but I'm very hopeful.  This one has enough air flow that she can tip it up and take a long drink...most of the other sippie cups require her to tip it down and wait for the thick soy milk to clear enough to get air in before she takes another not her style.  This one still has some silicone, but it's not anywhere she can bite it or rip it.  Bonus, it should come clean in the dishwasher without needing to use a straw brush to clean them out everytime.

Just had to share that it looks like we finally found a solution, and just in time for daycare no less.  It should make things much easier there.

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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 4:20pm
Yay! I know the joy of finding a good cup that doesn't spill or get destroyed. We were looking for a good straw cup for DS, since he was always wanting to drink out of our cups with straws. But all of the ones we found leaked or were hard for him to drink from. We discovered the Munchkin brand cups with straws, and they have been great! Not too expensive either, and clean well in the dishwasher, definite bonuses!

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