when wil they fix the boards!

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when wil they fix the boards!
Tue, 11-06-2012 - 7:43am

hello, i am still here a little MIA but i can`t reply to anybody`s message.   like the rest of us I am trudging along or rather waddling.  I am 38 weeks 2 days and the baby is still huge..   I finally stopped working on friday, or at least i stopped going to work, this week i am working from home, too bored to do anything else, and it keeps my mind occupied rather than wait on when this baby will come... I hope the baby comes soon, i am eager  but also if it doesn`t come before thursday it better wait until the 18th when my doctor comes back from a conference.  we`ll see, this thursday she will actually do a physical examination to see if anything is happening.  So far she has said that since my history is to deliver on their due date i wil likley do the same the third time around, that`s the 18th.  My only concern isa that the due date was calculated using last cycle and i know i ovulated 1 week earlier that i should have so that theoretically puts me one week ahead...    anyhow just wanted to say that i am here, reading your posts and i can`t reply but i am thinking of all of you.  good luck