Baby Caleb 11-09-12

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Baby Caleb 11-09-12
Fri, 11-16-2012 - 6:10pm

OK, my computer keeps freezing on me! Frustrating!


Caleb was born Nov 9th, 6:29 a.m.  weighing in at 9 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long.  I woke up at 2:25 with contractions every 7 minutes. I woke DH up at 3:15 and told him it was time to go. Then I woke up my teenagers to let them know. It was so nice this time around not to have to worry about waking up family or neighbors!  When I walked into the kitchen, there were a dozen roses! Talk about a shock, they weren’t there the night before! My husband had gotten them for me since I had had 4 false starts that week and was sooooo miserable! Anyway, he had forgotten to bring them in from his car the night before and got them after I went to bed.  At 4:30 I was to a 4 and contractions every 3 ½ minutes.  I got a shot of fentanal at 5 and boy do I love that stuff! But, it wore off by 5:45, I was dialated to a 7, and couldn’t get anymore.  At 6 I was to a 10, the doctor broke my water and soon I was pushing. I have never had problems pushing before, but this baby wouldn’t budge! His heart rate was dropping, they had me on oxygen, and my doctor very calmly says “Rachel, he doesn’t like it in there anymore, we need him out the next contraction”, so doc helped him out with the vacuum.  I was so panicked when I couldn’t get his head delivered!  I said that I was too old for this and this baby is too big! My husband asked me later if I remember what I was saying, and I said I remember absolutely everything! He ended up with a major cone head.   Since I was GBS pos, I didn’t get the full 2 doses of antibiotics, plus it was a vacuum birth, and I had gest diabetes, so we had to stay in the hospital for the full 48 hours. No complaint from me!  The first 24 hours Caleb was monitered very closely, but never had any issues.  We got home Sunday.  He is nursing like a champ, now.  Is constantly hungry, and keeps me up feeding him every hour or two all night. I was told to try to give him formula to help him sleep longer at night, but he still wants to nurse an hour after a bottle.  So, I am in the exhausted, weepy stage of recovery. Plus, my recovery is a bit tougher since I tore pretty good.  But, I am totally in love with this little boy. My kids are all great with him also. He is very calm, unless he feels like he is being starved.


Congratulations to all the other new mommies! I rarely have time to get on the computer, now. But, hopefully that will change a little in a week or two.


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