is anybody else measuring in front of there dates???

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is anybody else measuring in front of there dates???
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 3:00pm

hi all

just wondering if anybody else's bump is measuring more than there weeks?

im 29 +4 and im measuring 3-4 weeks in front. i have a scan booked in 2-3 weeks to check on size as i am enormous!

i have 2 girls age 9 and 12. and they were both born at 9lb 15 oz.  my first was 9 days late, and the other was 5 days early.  i had both on gas and air. i refused an epidural with both as the thought of someone coming near my spine with a needle petrifies me.

i had a scan at 38 weeks with my last and they said she would be about 8lb so why they do a growth scan at 32 weeks is pointless if you ask me.   although will be nice to see the little man.

the thought of pushing this not so little man out scares me to death. i tore very badly with both of my last pregnacies. 45 mins worth. i begged to be cut on my last one but the mw said i wouldnt this time and then WHAM i felt it tear. i just know im going to tear again.

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I am measuring 3 weeks ahead but no mention of anything yet to me. My babies have all been average size. My biggest was 8 lbs 2 oz 10 days early. I don't know if they will say something closer to time? I am anxious to hear what they tell you after the scan though!

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I measured almost 4 weeks ahead on monday (32 wk appt), 5 weeks ahead at my 30 week appt, and 3 weeks ahead at my 26 week appt. So far they have decided not to do a scan to check the size. Both my girls were exactly 8lbs 8oz - the first was a week and a half early and the second was a day early (at a 30 wk scan she was measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule but came out as a normal weight, she was long which is probably why they estimated her to be so far ahead).

Fyi when I did prenatal classes when I was pregnant with my first the nurse told us that it is all just guess work. There are times when they expect a big child due to measuring ahead or scans but get an average sized child and vice versa. She told us a story of a lady coming in and going through a natural delivery without any complications or issues and ended up delivering a very bruised over 12lb baby because they had no idea of its size until it arrived.
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At my 29 week appointment they did a growth sono and baby was measuring 2 weeks ahead, but my tummy was measuring 3 weeks ahead. This week (31 weeks), my tummy is measuring 3 weeks ahead, still. Doctor isn't concerned with me having a big baby, he said. Maybe around 8 pounds was his thought if I go full term- I usually go early. Baby is measuring about 4 lbs right now, which with a 1/2 pound growth every week, should get me to 8 or 8 1/2 lbs.

I am sorry you tore so badly. I've torn badly, also, but with tiny babies (6 pounders), but with my biggest baby (7 1/2), I didn't tear. It was suggested to me to take a heating pad (like an old, clean sock filled with rice and tied off) to heat and put "down there" before pushing to see if that would help me to be able to stretch. I haven't tried it before, but was thinking of trying it this time since I may get an 8+ pounder for the first time.
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