Brown spot on back of the ear

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Brown spot on back of the ear
Sat, 08-11-2012 - 1:01pm
My hair dresser noticed a new (very light) brown spot on the top of my ear cartilage. She said she hadn't noticed it before. It's about the size of a pencil eraser with no raised edges and with smooth edges.

I've read that skin changes and new moles are common in pregnancy. I'm trying not to freak out too much. I will definitely be more diligent about sun screen on my ears.

Have any of you notices similar skin changes?

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 1:35pm
I've noticed some light brown spots across my nose since becoming pregnant this time around. I never experienced this before, but have read that skin pigmentation changes are common during pregnancy and usually not cause for concern. I agree with you about using sunscreen to protect your skin, and if you are really concerned about it, just mention it to your doctor. It may just be one of the fun side effects of pregnancy, though :-)

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