Increased watery discharge- 37 weeks?

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Increased watery discharge- 37 weeks?
Fri, 10-19-2012 - 7:50am

Is anyone else around 37 weeks having an increase in watery discharge?  It almost looked like I wet my undies, but doesn't smell like urine.  I've had some watery discharge in the past, but it was so little that I ignored it because some is normal.  This was a little more than those times.  Really don't have time today to go into the doctor's office, so hoping this is just considered normal.   

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 9:10am

I'm sure you're probably alright unless you start getting little "gushes." and contrax.  Do some kick counts and pay attention to how your abdomen feels today.  KUP!  We are bound to have some babies quickly!!

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Fri, 10-19-2012 - 9:37am

I'm 35 weeks and I've been having it for a little bit.  It's thinner than the usual discharge, but seems thicker than urine.  But it's just a little at a time.  But sometimes, it's thicker.  It just changes almost daily.  Since I didn't have any bleeding, cramping or contractions, I've just chalked it up to probably normal. lol  I did ask my OB about increased discharge a couple of visits ago and she said it was normal to have it increase and just went over the trouble signs of when to come in.