Timeline of a Breastfed Baby

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Timeline of a Breastfed Baby
Thu, 07-26-2012 - 10:04pm

I BF my DD for 19 months, so I feel confident in my knowledge. BUT I found this blog post very informational and a good memory refresher! Check it out! :smileyhappy:



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Sun, 07-29-2012 - 2:36pm

Awesome, thank for sharing!   

I think a lot of Moms are definitely unprepared for the amount of time a new baby will spend nursing.  It literally is usually every 1.5 hours for a lot of babies--"every 2 hours", remember, is the distance from the BEGINNING of one feed to the BEGINNING of the next and some babies will nurse for 45 mins--so it literally feels like you are CONSTANTLY nursing--sometimes around the clock for the first 6-12 weeks.  

But then it magically does get easer.  All of a sudden you'll be worried because your baby who used to nurse for 45 mins per feed suddenly seems "done" after 5-10.  But they just get really good at it and really efficient.  And by the time they are 3 months old the feedings have usually stretched out (a bit)--maybe partly due to how much faster they are--it really FEELS like 2 hours between instead of just an hour.  

Also a lot of new babies will "cluster feed"--especially in the evening.  They will want to nurse for hours and hours straight, going from one breast to the other and back again--often accompanied by fussing/whining/crying . . . this is NORMAL and sometimes results in a longer stretch of sleep when they finally decide they are done for the night.  This cluster-feeding pattern has a lot of benefits for the little baby and the Mom--it helps to stimulate the milk supply--it helps the baby get a lot of fatty hind-milk, and it can help them sleep a longer stretch like I said.  

But the FEELING--well MY feeling as a new Mom--I wondered if there was something wrong--if I was doing something wrong--if my milk wasn't good enough.  AND I just plain was exhausted, my nipples felt like they would fall off.  Sometimes I wanted to throw my baby across the room I was so sick of him being attached to me for hours at a time!  But we got through it.  After the first couple months it got a LOT better and slowed WAY down.  Now he's still nursing at 20 months so obviously nursing became a really special part of our relationship.  

But those early days are HARD and having the support of other Moms who have been there is so important. 

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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 7:44pm

I bookmarked this to look at later when I get worried about things. Thanks for sharing!