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What are the most common symptoms of carrying twins? I am 5-6 weeks along (differnet phone apps and websites tell me different weeks) but I look at least 3 months pregnant. And ive gained about 10lbs in about a month...or less. I constantly eat, im always hungry and I crave water. Im constantly tired and i also have cramping going on. is the cramping normal or should I call my doctor? This is my 2nd pregnancy but already its totally different from my 1st. I eat so much every day. im constantly hungry it seems and it wont stop.

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Every pregnancy is different.
My first had a twin that I ended up losing. The only difference I noticed, compared to my next pregnancy, was that my morning sickness was worse. Much, much worse! I was nauseous all day long and puked around 3pm everyday. I couldn't stand a lot of smells. Just the smell of chicken would make me go running to the washroom. I measured larger than normal too. That's what tipped off my doctor. Weird thing is, I ended up measuring large for the whole pregnancy. My next pregnancy, I was a lot smaller. And morning sickness was just a queasy feeling throughout the day.
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Hi there!

I wanted to share a link with you to our Pregnant with Multiples board here on iVillage. I'm sure they'd love to share their experience and feedback with you. Best of luck and keep us updated!

Pregnant with Multiples-

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I have not had twins (yet) but because of maternal history of fraternal twins (my mom is a frat twin, maternal aunt had frat twins, and one of those twins had frat twins) I have been convinced that every pregnancy, except this one for some reason, was twins. This has lead me to do alot of research on early signs and symptoms. First I want to say every pregnancy is different and a second does show faster than the first because your body knows the drill therefore it is hard to say from your symptoms.

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