3D ultrasound pic & 29 wk appt went well

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3D ultrasound pic & 29 wk appt went well
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 9:52am

I survived my hectic week of appointments and found out my little guy finally moved from transverse to breech which relieved a lot of pelvic pain. He had his feet over his head and was sucking on the cord! It was hard for her to get good face pics but she managed to get some. She said his nose looks bigger then it is b/c of the way the cord was pressing on it & he has a mohawk!  I passed my glucose test & I have to say that the orange drink wasn't nearly as bad as I was told, so they must have improved it in the last couple of years. My OB appt was pretty uneventful and he said everything is measuring on target and looks good.