First appointment yesterday...

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First appointment yesterday...
Fri, 03-30-2012 - 3:13pm

So I had my first appointment yesterday and was supposed to get all of my lab work, pap smear, and ultrasound done. However, the Dr. got called to a delivery and the u/s tech was booked, so I wasn't able to get the ultrasound. But they rescheduled it for today, and I got to go and see one tiny healthy looking baby with a great heartbeat of 154! I am so relieved, although still cautiously excited. But seeing our little one's heart flickering away made it so much better!

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Sat, 03-31-2012 - 7:30am
That's wonderful. So happy you got to see the little heart beating.

I wish they had told me the HB rate for my little one. I was ushered in and out so fast, I got a glimpse, but that was about it. I did see the heartbeat, but no idea what the heart rate was.
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Sat, 03-31-2012 - 10:14am
Same here, the doctor pointed out the heart beating but didn't say the rate. He said everything looks great, so I'm hoping that meant the heart rate also.
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Mon, 04-02-2012 - 12:36pm

I am glad your U/S went so well and you got to see the heartbeat!

To answer everyone else's question: I am not sure they can tell you how fast it is unless you can actually hear it (and not everyone tries to hear it this early). At least that is how my doctor got the heart rate.