Sex After Pregnancy

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Sex After Pregnancy
Tue, 01-21-2014 - 7:40am

Unfathomably, while dealing with all the discomforts and tribulations of post-birth recovery, someone such as your husband, boyfriend, partner or a total rando will want to get it on with you after you have a baby. This will happen well before it even occurred to you that you even could get it on. Is that even possible? Does that person know what went on down there?!

If it seemed like pregnancy itself was full of sticky-trap messages about what to care about and not care about, so is post-birth, when you are supposed to simultaneously heal your way into new motherhood and transform into a ferocious, MILFy kitten in the sack who has magically reinhabited your old vagina like a NSFW Freaky Friday version of Body Snatchers.

4 Types of Women When It Comes to Post-Birth Sex-

How have you been feeling about sex after baby?  Which of the 4 types of women are you? ;) 

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