I think things are starting to "gear up"

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I think things are starting to "gear up"
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 5:04am

Apologies for any TMI, but I seriously think my body is finally starting to gear up for the big event, dont remember taking notice of any of these things with DS, so its all new to me in a way.

Firstly, my boobs seem to have grown yet another size in the last week and feel engorged almost.  Ive starting leaking a little, which never happened before, luckily its only been after sleeping.  And it also only takes a couple of "tweaks" to get the colostrum out, its also gotten thicker too and there is heaps more.

And I am not sure if its my plug starting to do its thing or not, but that "situation" has been getting more noticable over the last few days aswell.

And every now and then when I walk around, though thats not often these days, i have noticed cramping, not alot, just a few seconds worth, enough to take notice, not painful, just noticable.  Only really had it happen about 4 or 5 times over the last week, so Im not concerned yet.

Oh and I thought I was doing well with my bathroom runs, but they have gotten sooo bad, it feels like I need to go every half hour and mostly for nothing, and at night, i am awake at least twice with the need to go, this has only just started, i used to be able to getaway with once a night if at all.

With only about 7 weeks to go I am thinking its about time the body started getting ready, although I realise it may not happen anytime soon, still, things are changing and its a bit exciting, but I still need at least 3 weeks, thats how long I have left of work.  and then I want at least a week at home to relax, hahaha.