Newest Controversy in Breastfeeding!

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Newest Controversy in Breastfeeding!
Thu, 05-31-2012 - 8:20pm

Breastfeeding while in military uniform, yay or nay?

I waited to have my kids till I was out of the Navy.  However, I would have nursed them in uniform, but covered up, not like the picture.  And it has nothing to do with disrespecting the uniform like someone commented, it would still be about covering yourself up in public.  I do not think it disrespects the uniform at all, there is nothing disrespecting about breastfeeding your baby.  And I agree if you can smoke and drink in uniform then you surely can breastfeed a baby.  Seems like breastfeeding is being attack everywhere this year!

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 3:12pm
I thinka woman should be able to breastfeed her baby ANYWHERE she wants. Ridculous that she should have to worry about the hangups of others. Feed your baby, for those who don't like it- don't look. I hate watching shovel crappy food in their faces but that is their choice. A boob is a boob a nipple a nipple. ppl need to get over it. I have NO idea how I will feed my baby boy.. but I can tell you this.. I won't be going into a bathroom to do it regardless if it is breast or bottle.