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Wed, 02-01-2012 - 7:33pm
My name is Michelle and I am 5 weeks today, Edd is 10/3. My DD is 20 months, and my husband and I are excited but nervous. Right after I got my bfp I started spotting, so I contacted ob, had u/s and bloodwork. Hcg is fine, first u/s was normal. Had 2nd u/s today, and ob noticed blood in my uterus. Could be just from IB, hopefully its nothing. Good news though, we did see the sac and yolk sac.. Have another u/s next Wed to make sure everything is still looking normal.
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Wed, 02-01-2012 - 9:57pm

Hi Michelle!

Congrats on your bfp, but I'm sorry you've had a stressful start. I hope you have a great ultrasound next Wednesday chica! :)




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Thu, 02-02-2012 - 8:25am
Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on expecting your second child and welcome to the October 2012 Expecting Club! I hope that you find friendship and support here during your pregnancy journey. Wishing you a very happy and healthy nine months!

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Thu, 02-02-2012 - 1:12pm

Glad you made it past your super super faint line.

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Fri, 02-03-2012 - 2:44pm
my dd should be the 3rd too! Welacome to the board and sorry for the rough start.Awesome they saw the sac and yolk sac though!Keep us updated!