Exposed to TB, now may be at Risk

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Exposed to TB, now may be at Risk
Thu, 03-01-2012 - 6:40pm

I got an email from my occupational health department yesterday that one of the patients I was caring for a couple months ago turned out to have tuberculosis. So I have to get a TB test, and although they say the risk is low because I was only in contact with him for a short period of time ,pretty much all the nurses that work in our infectious diseases clinic have tested positive for it. If you are in contact with someone with active TB you may contract it and it lays dormant/latent. It can then activate and become active. If you test positive you need to take a 9 month course of anti TB meds which can make you sick as hell.Pregnancy is a time where your immune system is diminished so if you have latent TB then it can become active.It's unlikely but it's just something else to worry about.

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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 7:01pm
Wow. That royally sucks. I hope you don't have it.
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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 10:26pm
hope it turns out negative!!!! Thats got to be scary!
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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 10:45pm
That's crazy! Sorry you're dealing with this. Praying for negative tests.
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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 10:49pm

My mom and my sister were exposed several years ago.

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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 11:10pm

Oh no will hope for the best and you are neg.



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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 4:39am
Sending prayers your way.

- JM

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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 11:03am
Oh gosh, I will pray your test is negative. Please keep us posted.
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Sat, 03-03-2012 - 9:57pm
Oh no! I hope it's negative!!
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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 2:14pm
I was exposed to TB in the military, and the meds were tough to tolerate. And you have NO choice but to finish the entire course of meds or risk developing a drug resistant TB. I do not envy you for being in this position while pregnant. Another tip, if you do come up positive on this skin test, make sure to notify any employer in the future within the medical field. I am unable to get any skin tests for TB anymore, and have to do a chest x-ray instead. Each skin test you get after your initial reaction will cause a bigger and more painful lump and they don't recommend it. FIGHT with your employer to cover the yearly or bi-yearly x rays. I've had employers try and tell me they will only pay the skin test, they can not do that. Good luck and I'll be praying your results are negative!

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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 11:40pm

Oh wow... that really sucks. :(