Saying Goodbye

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Saying Goodbye
Thu, 02-16-2012 - 6:56pm

This pregnancy has turned out to be a chemical and not meant to be...I know it was not a "real" pregnancy, but it was beginning to feel very real to us.

Good luck ladies.

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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 7:50pm

I am so sorry. I have been there and I know that it is devastating. Take time to grieve. We are here if you need us!

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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 9:05pm
(((HUGS))) I am so sorry to see this. :(




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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 11:34pm
so sorry:( I hate checking for updates here:( We are here for you.
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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 12:46am
I'm so sorry! A loss is a loss no matter how far along you were and no matter what the title of it is. I hope when you're ready again you have a happy and heathy pregnancy!

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 7:04am

I'm sorry. I will be praying for you. ((hugs))

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 8:26am

I'm sorry.

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 11:45am

I am so sorry. I lost my first one to an ectopic and I know how it sucks. Hugs..........

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Fri, 02-17-2012 - 7:51pm
I'm so sorry for this loss. I hope you go on to have a joyful pregnancy as soon as you are ready. Prayers for you.
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Sat, 02-18-2012 - 7:27am
*Hugs* Take care and take one day at a time.

- JM

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Sat, 02-18-2012 - 12:11pm
I am with Amy a loss is a loss no matter the title. Take time to grieve. We are here for you no matter what.