TMI but....

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TMI but....
Sat, 07-28-2012 - 11:19am is it hard to trim down your girl when you're 6 1/2 - 7 mos pregnant.  Holy heck!  Hahahaha.  :smileyembarrassed:

I'm not religious about keeping my bush mowed down.  DH and I both go through periods where we let them grow in a bunch and then we shave 'em.  Honestly, I've never been into the whole bare naked thing - I kind of like my bush!  Call me old school, but I like to grow it in sometimes.  I can't ever use a razor blade (I don't get shave bumps or burn, I get full on welts...) so the best I get is trimmed with an electric razor anyway.

But yeah I realized it had been awhile and I thought I should get on that while I can still reach!  And while I *can* still reach, it's so awkward and hard to do without being able to see a damn thing and with the belly in the way of my arms.  Hahaha.  I just spent ages on it and I still don't think it's as good as I normally do it.  But whatever.  It's good enough!

Anyone else come to this realization at some point?!


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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:21pm
Lol. No comment other than I have 1/4 Italian genes, so thank God I have long arms. Another forum had a great tip from someone whose 'friend' is a stripper - try spraying deo after shaving. It helped tons!

- JM

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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 5:43pm
I keep my lady garden bare. DH has to help now days though because I can't even see it! It's getting to the point where it's only getting done the night before a Drs appointment.
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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 8:15pm

Ya, I like to trim my cha cha every month but hasn't been so easy.I have been meaning to do it but keep putting it off as not sure how I'm going to accomplish that.

When you mentioned that all I could think of was this scene in one of the Fifty SHades books where he shaves hers lol...kinky....

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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 8:25pm
Greetings!!!! I pretty much gave up on grooming at all below the waist since I cannot see and the last couple of times I have tried with the electric razor I cut myself it burned for 2 days to pee mind you I am well into the 3rd trimester so every 12 seconds i'm in the bathroom. Thankfully my youngest sister just moved in with me so right before I deliver she will help me trim and wax the outer areas for me. Also a mirror did help some the last time I attempted myself I just got a little too detailed so that's why I nicked myself.

Good Luck
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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 8:38pm

Before pregnancy - I like to keep it trimmed and cleaned up, but not shaved.  About 2 days after shaving, the bumps and itching are unbearable!  And sex is no fun with stubble, because it scratches DH.

Now - I can't stand being this hairy.  I feel like it gets sweaty down there.  But I'm not into pregnant sex, so Dh can't complain about hair.  The few times we've done it, he's just been so happy to get some that he doesn't care what it looks like.  And I'm sure my midwive could care less what it looks like during birth.  The only time it's mattered - a few weeks ago, I was climbing into bed naked, and DH cracked up.  I had a piece of toilet paper stuck in the hair.  I couldn't see what he was laughing about!  So I did trim a bit after that, lol, but it's just not worth the hassle most days.

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 6:35am
Glad it's not just me ladies! The tp thing cracked me up too. :smileyhappy:

I think I might try to do it one more time before the baby is born - I'm sure recovery, possible stitches, etc. will all be a little bit easier to deal with if the area is mowed down. But really, it'll be a sh*tshow. Hahaha. It was hard enough this time. DH also volunteered to help, so we'll see. I might get desperate enough to let him!


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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 9:57am
I prefer bare, but only get to shave every couple weeks or so now (I wait until a weekend when DH is home to keep Peter occupied). I've gotten pretty good at going by feel, and using hair conditioner cuts down on bumps. The trick I've found is to squat a little. Then it's easier to feel spots you've missed.

Funny story: When Peter was born, I had just shaved two days prior (and he was born at 37w6d). They brought in a mirror so I could watch the process. In between pushes, I remarked that I was impressed with how well I had done. My nurse looked at me in shock and said that she couldn't do that good a job not pregnant.
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