38 week, lame

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38 week, lame
Tue, 10-16-2012 - 8:52am

So my 38 week appointment was pretty lame, and I just feel like sharing. Eeeep-It's a really long rant!

1stly I am so huge(just in the belly) with this one that everywhere I go ppl think I have twins or triplets and argue with me that they must be hiding or the baby is monstorously big to have such a huge stomach. For the last two/three appointments my doctor and staff have made some remarks too, although more tactful and sympathetic because they can see the physical pain that I have just merely walking and getting in/out of chairs-let alone the help I need to get onto the exam table. My contractions started about a month ago and I have been getting pelvic exams since then because of the frequency and duration of them. So here I was expecting some relief this week with a bit of good news, I was hoping my trend of dilating /effacing over the last few weeks would continue, or the doc would indeed rule I had too much fluid and induce me like she thought she might have to do after last weeks apt (where I gained 5lbs and she had a hard time finding the baby on her handheld ultrasound b/c of the olympic pool he is in). Nope only a few pounds this week, and other than more fluid gain she has no real reason to induce early. The worst part is I had no progression. Absolutely none. She told be to get a exercise ball and try to coax the baby down farther but he is acting just like my DS did-and he had to be induced to come out. Body seems ready, but the baby is hanging out higher than needed since he has so much room to sprawl out. 7-8lb baby in a space big enough for twins sucks.

Some good news is she gave me a do or die date and "tried to stir things up a bit" (aka membrane stripping). It seems hard to think that I have to go till the 26th with all this pain and movement issues. On top of the sciatica that started my 4th month and had me in physical therapy, i can barely walk and everything is more horrible because my DS is the one affected the most by my immobility since DH is working all the time. I just wish I had made more progress and gotten some news that he was progressing better than DS did. I really don't want another induction and labor over 24 hours. 

Here's to hoping that the stripping works and I don't last till the 26th. Come on out baby, you are over 8lbs already so lets go!