Finns head is measuring ahead of the rest of him??

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Finns head is measuring ahead of the rest of him??
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 3:05pm

The tech didn't seem concerned, and so I guess I shouldn't either, but I am a little. His abdomen measured 27 weeks 4 days, and his head 29 weeks 1 day. I'm 28 weeks 1 day today.  Typically Finn measures right on give or take a day or two. Anyone else have experience with this?

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Both of my other children had odd head measurements, one small and one big.  It caused a lot of worry for no reason.  They were perfectly healthy and had no issues with head or brain or anything.  Their heads were perfectly in proportion to their bodies at birth.  I'm sure your baby is fine.  Some kids just have big heads :smileyhappy:  More likely, his head is completely normal.

If they start talking about extra cranial fluid or hydrocephalus or something, that's worth getting checked out.  But it doesn't sound like that in your case.  The doctor would tell you if that was a concern and they'd repeat the u/s most likely.

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I think it is fine. My tech never tells me the various measurements so I don't know how Karsten measures up. I have another ultrasound next Wednesday. I don't think I will ask because I don't want to get worried it they are off a bit.

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The doc seemed entertained Valerie's head and tummy had the same circumference. I assume they go through different growth spurts. Measurements can be off, too.

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