Its official, I have Cholestasis

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Its official, I have Cholestasis
Wed, 09-19-2012 - 4:03am

What I thought was going to be a quick half hour trip to see the obstetrician today turned into 3 hours of testing.  The itchyness has died down a lot, to the point where I didnt think it was a concern anymore, so cue quick trip to get back normal blood test results, and be on my way.

Well, was I wrong.  Liver function is normal but bile salts are through the roof, which is the concerning one.  Then the OB decided to take BP, i am going on about how I have never had a bad BP reading.  Wrong again.  BP was high.  Put it down to the fact I had just been told I was going to be induced but still had to take it into consideration obviously.

Had a CTG and more bloods done which were all normal, except bile salts.  Which is now going to become a weekly occurence until they induce me at about 38 weeks.  So next week its off to the hospital again to sit and be a pin cushion and get the monitor on again.  I think they may see what happens next week and then book me in for induction.

I am happy and a bit nervous, I kind of wanted to be induced purely because I have more control over when, and with DS that makes things so much easier, but I am nervous because its now going to happen sooner than I thought.  Glad my last day of work is tomorrow, although not sure how much relaxing will be happening once I finish work.

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 6:54am
Aww. I'm sorry to hear that! Are you still itching or has it gone away? P, PT & Hugs!

- JM

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 7:19am

Thanks.  The itching is still there but no where near as bad, ive been able to sleep thanks to the antihistamines.  Which I will probably have to stop taking about a week before induction.  Fingers crossed it doesnt flare up again in that week since I will need my sleep knowing whats coming.

There is a medication I can take, but it doesnt reverse the condition, only eases the symptoms and is quite expensive, so considering the itching is manageable at the moment, i opted not to go on them.

I just wish I had a solid date, but I think they want to see how the next lot of tests go next week.

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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 10:05am
(((Hugs)))) What a pain. At least you know now, though. And I guess it's better to keep an eye on things, right?
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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 10:37am

That's too bad you tested positive.  At least you get to have the baby in a controlled setting.  The idea of going into labor in public at random is a little scary.  I sympathize with you on the itching - it's one of the symptoms of my Hep A (I guess liver issues make you itch?).  Hope it stays managable and these next few weeks fly by for you.

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 1:57am

Thanks, I am so much more relieved that I have more control over the birth, at least when its going to happen anyways.  My biggest concern was going in the middle of the night and feeling guilty about calling someone to watch DS at some stupid hour.  Or that DH would be at work and I would be home with DS, and then it progressing quickly and not being able to get to the hospital in time.

But I have now officially finished up at work.  It was really weird to leave.  I dont think it has sunk in that I am not going back until next year.  I havent had a big chunk of time off since my last lot of maternity leave.  I definitely think the time will fly by now that I am not at work.