Triage nightmare!!!

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Triage nightmare!!!
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 12:25pm

Had a kidney stone attack.... again. This time, not as nice as the last time 2 weeks ago when i passed one. The pain started Wed night and never went away. So, around 5:30 I spoke to my doctor on call, explained what was going on and asked if I should go to the hospital or not. I told her I had a bottle of 6 year old Darvocet that will not work. She said that since it is expired, it probably is not working at all and to come into Labor&Delivery Outpatient and maybe they can give me something else. 

I get there and spend 4 hours with no meds, no water, on monitoring for baby. The bed was hard as rock, and I was in a tiny triage room with no tv. DH was home with the kids, so I was alone. For 4 hours, in agony.  They took me off monitoring and the doctor FINALLY came in. Told her what was going on, that I passed a stone 2 weeks ago, but this one I cant handle. She said my urine was very hydrated and she will see what she can do. (By the way, this was a resident. I just transferred out of my last doc office to get away from residents. ugh)

 The nurse comes back and says "take this, and we will start an iv and take some blood."

i ask her what i am taking and she says "to be honest, its extra strength tylenol and benedryl". 

Really?!? I explain that Darvocet wouldnt cut the pain and they think benedryl and tylenol will help? is this going to knock me out?? (i said all this nicely, not bi*chy)

She said yes it will make me tired, do i have someone to pick me up? (No, i drove myself here. Dh is home with sleeping children right now.)

She explained that I would probably be there until morning then. in the triage room. I asked her what the iv would do.... she says to hydrate me.

they told me earlier that my urine was "very well hydrated" what the heck to i need an iv for?? i told her that i would be better off going home, taking my expired Darvocet and using a heating pad in my own bed. i told her i felt like i wasted 4 hours in agony here for them to give me tylenol and make me sleep overnight in an awful triage bed?? 

i took the tylenol, declined the benedryl and iv. The nurse felt bad and went back to doctor and told them i had no ride home and asked if i could just take a prescription home. she comes back and says they will send off my urine, then give me a prescription. 

why would they need to send off my urine again if they already checked it?! i feel like they wanted to drug test it before prescribing me pain meds. WTF. she comes back and lets me leave with a prescription and says "there's not much there, but its something."

they gave me 12 doses - enough for 3 days of benedryl and Norco.

whatever, ill take what i can get so i can sleep. Problem is, there is only ONE 24hr pharmacy in my town and its not close to my house. i have no idea where it is, and i do not have internet on my crappy phone. so i have to go home to google it. 

get home, and google the pain med they prescribed and turns out, IM ALLERGIC TO IT!!!!!!! im fuming mad. it even says at the top of the prescription what my allergies are, and the pain med Norco, has what i am allergic to in it. wtf. i call labor delivery and explain this. and they say "dont take it, but we cant call in a script for you, you wil have to wait till morning and call your actual doctor."

I read who the doctor was that prescribed me medicine i cant take.... the resident. i have never had problems with residents until this pregnancy, i have the WORST luck with residents making mistakes or not knowing anything!!!

so i wasted 4 hours in the hospital for a tylenol, benedryl that i have no reason to take, and medicine i am allergic to.

i will never go there again.  woke up this morning fine. the stone didnt pass, but the pain subsided. i am not going to my doc to beg for meds if i am not in pain, but i know it wil be back soon since i havent passed it yet :smileysad: i hope it stays away till my next ob appt next thursday. i will bring my prescription and tell them what happened.


do you think i should complain? For a labor delivery resident to give a pregnant person something she is allergic to seems like a big no-no. im glad i caught it cause who knows if the pharmacy would have.... and the fact that they didnt seem to care pissed me off bigtime. "oh, dont take it, call your doc tomorrow." 

i am so sick of hospitals treating kidney stones as nothing. i always leave feeling like they dont believe me. :smileysad:

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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 1:13pm

Ugg.  Sounds like an awful night.  I'm not surprised at all, I've had horrible luck with medical staff lately.  I got lucky with my hospital trip this week that they finally gave me some pain relief for gallstones, but I still can't get a prescription to take home with me.  (Actually, my doc said he'd prescribe me Vicoden, but then the evil nurse said she thought I didn't need it, and he sided with her and wouldn't give it.)  I really hope your kidney stone doesn't act up again.  Is there a different hospital that you can go to next time?  I definitely think you should complain about your visit!  Hospital bills are so expensive, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with such crappy care.  I mean seriously, it'll be like $700 for them to test urine and give you a tylenol, it's ridiculous.  And giving you meds you're allergic to is completely unacceptable.  If you go in again, I'd make a big deal about not letting that same resident treat you.

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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 1:17pm
I would absolutely complain. Verbally and in a very, very nasty letter. How dare they treat you with such utter disregard for hours and THEN on top of it, endanger you and your unborn child by prescribing a medication they should have known you were allergic to?? Are they crazy?

I'm so sorry you went through all of that.

Honestly, I'd call my regular doctor and ask for pain meds now in case you get in a jam again before next Thur. I really, really hope you don't, but before the holiday weekend, I'd see if you can get something to have on hand, just in case.


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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 1:43pm
In my experience, the triage sucks, but the nurses on L&D are much better. No experiences with the residents though; I only had to deal with my OB last time. Definitely call and complain.

Was the pharm the CVS on Smoky Park? If so, if you EVER have something called in there, call and make sure it's ready before you drive over. They constantly take forever for me. I use them because they're 5 minutes from the house, but seriously. They suck at speed.
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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 2:01pm

yep, it was the smokeypark one. good to know about the speed issue. thankfully, i didnt even get to learn that lesson the hard way.

the pain started up again, and i called my OB office. They said the nurses were on lunch but they will call the hospital and get me a new script sent into my pharmacy. im just waiting on a call back. it's been one hour already, i hope they call back before my pharmacy closes! 

my triage nurse was very nice. she has had kidney stones before and felt my pain. she was the one who went back to the doc. to beg for a take home prescription rather than making me stay all night. It was the resident doctor that i had a hard time with. she took forever to do anything.and she is the one who messed up my script.  Meh.... I want to complain... but i hate causing drama. Im scared of what would happen if i complain. im scared that come time for my csection, i go to triage and they know it was me.... ehh.... im  a wuse. 

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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 7:16pm

Wow. That does sound like a nightmare. I am so glad that we hired a doula for our birth because she can help watch over me so they don't give me something they shouldn't. She knows a lot and is a childbirth educator to boot. 

I had an ectopic in 2010 and a resident at the fertility clinic gave me the wrong dose of the MX shot which dissolves the ectopic. That doctor gave me too little which put me in danger of a tube rupturing and my HCG kept on rising. I had to endure another shot a week later which prolonged the misery and bleeding. It was horrible. After my "incident" the clinic changed their policy and only the RE can give and figure out the MX shot. It is scary the mistakes that are made. I am so glad you googled the meds before taking them. How awful.