Vent: I think i want to transfer to another office....

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Vent: I think i want to transfer to another office....
Thu, 06-07-2012 - 10:56am

Frustrated... I chose my ob office because of location. It's about 10 minutes from my house. The other office is near the hospital, and is about 20min away. Big difference? The whole office i go to is full of residents. My doctor is a resident. They are also Family Physicians, so when baby is born I can keep seeing the same doctor for myself and baby. I didnt think having a resident would be an issue since all my appointments are pretty basic anyways, and an OB from the other office would do the c-section. The other office is ALL ob's. No residents at all. 

Now i feel like they aren't good enough. Amateurs. The ultrasounds are done at the other office full of OB's. They never transfer my tests or ultrasounds. So my resident doctor never has a clue of what happened at the appointments from the other office. When I found out about the Echogenic Bowel and had all the blood testing, my doctor didnt even have access to the results and couldnt answer my questions! She replies " I have never seen an Echogenic Bowel before." 

Today, I had an appointment because I have had a sore throat for 4 days, pulled groin, and seeing spots. Since it wasn't my normal monthly appt. they fit me in with another doctor. I thought "maybe I'll get one who can actually answer my questions!" Wrong! In walks a guy who looks like he couldnt be any older than 25. Im sure he's really smart, but I feel more comfotable with old doctors lol. more experience right?  He checked my groin and pelvic movements, told me to rest. Checked my eyes, told me to go to an eye doctor since I have great blood pressure and no protiens in urine. Last but not least, I had to REMIND him to check my super sore throat since it was clear he forgot. I was worried about strep. He looked at it and said "It doesnt look like strep. Just rest and it should be gone in 10 days or so." didnt even swab my throat. I thought strep can cause harm to the baby. Whats the harm in testing for it? just one peek and thats it?

I feel like I shouldnt have even bothered making an appointment. When I was at the other office dealing with the ultrasound worries, the OB's were so thorough. I felt like they had answers to ALL my questions. Unlike the residents at my office who seem to know booksmarts, but beyond that, nothing. Not enough experience. Plus, I like having my appointments in a separate OB office with a separate waiting room. My office, Im combined in the waiting room with all the sick old people and children. 

My next appt. isnt until July 10th, so I think I am going to transfer before then. Thanks for letting me vent!

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Definitely change OBs. I know what you mean with the whole convenience thing. My regular family doctor and the local hospital are 5 min from my house, but I felt my prenatal care was severely lacking with my first pregnancy 6 years ago. I was relatively low-risk, but I just felt always rushed in and out. And don't even get me started on how awful my L&D experience was at that hospital. Crappy facility, and even more horrific nurses. I even had to have my baby delivered by a doctor that did not oversee my pregnancy, and was completely rude to me the day I met him (maybe because he didn't like a 19 year old having a baby?) NO thank you! I am now seeing my mom's OB who delivered me :smileyhappy:. He is 20 min away and so is the hospital I will deliver at this time. I don't care about the extra distance. He's a little eccentric himself, but he is very experienced. He does seem to genuinely care about the comfort of his patients, and I trust him much more. I'm also delivering at the hospital I was born at this time, and I'm just praying for a better experience there. At the end of the day, I regret not switching doctors last time. I was just young myself and I wasn't informed on how things "should" have been. Please try a different doctor. I think you'll feel much better if you do. The extra distance won't bother you at all once you realize you are being properly cared for.