Maternity Clothes... or Not?

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Maternity Clothes... or Not?
Wed, 05-08-2013 - 9:54am

Take Duchess Kate, for example, who has been scrutinized since the moment she announced she was expecting, with critics constantly judging her for maintaining a small figure. Recent outings in which she displayed her small royal baby bump in non-maternity clothes has only fueled speculation. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has been attacked for showing off her belly too much, with tight clothes and revealing tops.

Both illustrate the point that women, pregnant or not, come in a wide variety of healthy shapes and sizes. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a first time mom might sport either a barely-there bump or a more voluptuous figure.

“The criticism of Duchess Kate’s small bump is crazy,” says Ray. “She has always been tiny so a small bump is to be expected.”

It’s not just her bump the world is watching, but also how she chooses to cover it. When you’re idolized by fashionistas around the world, there is an added pressure to enchant your followers with impeccable maternity style. And when you make a misstep? Watch out, because the world is watching.

Are you wearing maternity clothes only at this point? Or, are you like Kate, and wear regular non-maternity clothing in just a larger than normal size?

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Tue, 05-14-2013 - 1:15pm

I'm just now starting to wear maternity clothes.  I tried to get away with my regular clothes for as long as possible but I was just getting miserable.  Maternity clothese are SO much more comfortable!