Maternity Shoes?

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Maternity Shoes?
Thu, 06-06-2013 - 8:29am

You knew you were probably going to have to invest in some new maternity clothing for your growing belly, but you might not have realized that your shoe wardrobe would probably need a makeover as well! Many women experience foot swelling during pregnancy, especially during the hot Summer months, and find those dainty ballet flats and sky-high stilettos just aren't fitting like they used to (and we don't recommend squeezing into them like certain pregnant celebrities; we're talking about you, Kim!). Whether you need to invest in some new shoes due to growing feet or just want to shop for cute Summer sandals, check out our eight footwear essentials for a comfortable and stylish Summer pregnancy, and treat your feet!

What are you wearing on your feet these days?  Have you experienced any foot swelling?

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