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William James (rather long)
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 10:59am

So I've been rather absent of late from the boards, mostly due to the fact that my baby boy came 5 weeks early!  We had planned a trip back home to Nova Scotia from July 28 until August 12, when I was 33-35 weeks.....I know, putting it a bit close but we figured first child is usually overdue so there was not much risk.  Plus we were going home to visit family and the only risk according to my midwife was having the baby away from home.  And technically we were GOING home to where my family doctor of 20 years has her practice.  We had a great vacation, aside from the being rather largely pregnant and having to pee constantly.  Friday before we were due to leave we went to Halifax for some glow in the dark mini golf with my family and some shopping for me and my mom.  All day I felt like I was losing control of my bladder but thought nothing of it really.  It can happen in late pregnancy, right?  Otherwise I was feeling fine so we didn't cut the trip short.  I woke at 4 am because the same thing was happening to me as I slept, I felt like I was peeing myself.  I got up and went to the bathroom 3 times before it dawned on me what this might be.  We had just finished prenatal classes before going on vacation and the midwife there told us if we didn't know for sure what the fluid was, to catch it in something so the doctor could test for amniotic fluid.  So I caught some in a cup and went to ask my mom (we were staying with my family) if she thought I should go in, as I was still feeling fine otherwise.  She thought I should go to the hospital to get checked out but it wasn't worth waking my husband over.  So we woke my dad who works at the hospital to take me in and see what was going on.  Before we left the house I was starting to get a bit achey in my back on and off but again thought nothing of it as I'd been having low back pain for awhile now.  The hospital is a half hour drive away, and on the way there I started feeling progressively less and less comfortable.  The cramps were now both in front and back and lasting several minutes, so my dad asked me to time them.  I let him know, and he said, ok, they're four minutes long...and I said no, four minutes apart.  And he says, THAT'S not good!  By the time we parked and got to the hospital it was hard to stay still for the pain, but getting registered took forever as my health coverage is in a different province so takes extra steps.  I was registered around 5 am and went right upstairs to the maternity floor to be assessed.  The nurse asked what time things had happened, strapped me to some monitors and got another nurse to check me.  Things started happening really quickly at this point - one nurse was trying to get an iv started, another was shoving what felt like her whole fist up the nether regions, a lab tech was drawing blood and another nurse was telling me to breathe.  The fluid I brought was definitely amniotic and I was 8 cm when they checked me, too far along to send to Halifax (an hour away) so we had no choice but to let labour progress.  At this point I'm 2 minutes apart and in a lot of pain, especially in my low back.  They took me down the hall to the birthing room and attempted to get a doctor.  My baby chose a wonderful time to decide to come - only one OB in the hospital and he was performing an emergency c-section with the only two case room certified nurses, no pediatricans and shift change.  There was constant flux of nurses in and out of my room, not that I noticed much.  My dad texted my husband sometime in this chaos and told him he better get to the hospital as things were happening fast.  He arrived, looking like he was going to pass out - hair sticking up everywhere, pale as a ghost and his hands were freezing.  I don't even remember how long I was there before they said I could start pushing.  The pushing part didn't feel very long at all, and he was born at 7:24 am, 2.5 hrs after registration.  Here we were expecting like 24 hours of labour and it was basically 3.  He was 5 lbs 14.9 oz, 52 cm (which is about 20.5 inches) long and came out screaming.  Shortly after, however, he started having trouble breathing and the doctor made the decision to have him moved to the NICU in Halifax.  I was also given a room at the same hospital so was sent down by ambulance an hour before his team arrived to take him.  We ended up spending 2 weeks in hospital as various issues arose - first his breathing so he ended up on cpap for a few days, then he developed jaundice, I hadn't had my group b strep testing so they had to keep poking him to do blood and spinal cultures and he was on antibiotics, he had an iv in his poor little head and a tube down his throat to relieve the air in his tummy from the cpap.  He was in NICU for a week before they moved him to transitional care where he didn't have to be in the incubator anymore.  And he spent a week in transitional care before they let us take him home.  We were released late on Friday August 24 and flew back to Ontario on August 28, his first plane ride.  His jaundice has been declining and his weight increasing...it's hard to believe he'll be a month old this week and he hasn't even reached his due date yet!


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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 11:17am

Congratulations!  He is absolutely precious!  Glad to hear all went so well.  Enjoy your little prince! 

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 1:37pm
Congrats! What a beautiful baby!
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Wow, what a story! He does like to make an entrance, doesn't he? :smileyhappy: Congratulations!

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He's so cute!!! Your labor/delivery sounds a little familiar....(Much like mine was.....) and we both have small babies!!!

Good Job Momma! Congrats on your beautiful little boy!!!!! You ready to start working on number 2? LOL

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Sat, 09-08-2012 - 3:02pm
Wow!! What a story! Glad you're all home and he's doing better though.
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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 8:44am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy! I'm so glad to hear that he is doing well. Welcome to the world, William!

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