C-Section Mamas- Did You Feel This Way?

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C-Section Mamas- Did You Feel This Way?
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 2:29pm

What Having a C-Section Taught Me About Motherhood

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In her first exclusive blog for the iVillage series CelebVillage, actress Tia Mowry -- who stars on the Style Network reality show Tia & Tamera -- reflects on how having her 16-month-old son Cree (with actor husband Cory Hardrict) via Caesarean made her feel like less than a woman -- and the lesson it taught her about motherhood.

You see, I always thought like many other women that if you gave birth the natural way, that's what made you a woman. Giving birth the natural way was a passage every woman should take in order to experience what being a woman was all about. I mean, I meet women all the time who are making it happen with no epidural and no drugs, just by breathing and pushing -- all natural.

But that did not happen for me. I remember asking, what did I do wrong?

Tia Mowry: What Having a Cesarean Taught Me About Motherhood- http://www.ivillage.com/tia-mowry-blog-having-c-section/1-a-500682#axzz2C0vKrYYk
Can you relate to how she was feeling? Did you feel the same way after giving birth to your child via cesarean?

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