Melody birth story

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Melody birth story
Sun, 09-16-2012 - 5:51pm

Wow, this newborn stuff is a lot of work! :smileyhappy: This is the third time I've tried to write this, let's see if I make it all the way through the post this time... Sorry that it's going to be long!

So I had my last prenatal appointment on Monday afternoon, which left me feeling a lot better because 1) my doctor was back from 3 week vacation (finally!) and 2) I had gone from 1cm, 50% on Friday to 2cm, 75% which seemed like good progress. As it turns out, I think I was actually in very early labor at the time. I felt very crampy for the rest of the afternoon and evening after the appointment, and didn't feel like cooking dinner or doing anything when we got home, so we went out to eat at the chinese food place down the street. When we got home I was exhausted so I went to bed at about 8pm. I was having contractions on and off during dinner, so when I laid down I started timing them. At that point they were about 10-15 min apart and not regular. I managed to fall asleep/snooze off and on until about 11pm, when the contractions started getting stronger. Soon after that DH came upstairs from studying (his last focused study time for a while , I didn't want to disturb him until I had to!) and took over timing contractions. They continued to get more regular, more frequent, and more intense until about 2am we started thinking it might be time to head in. We called L&D and they said we were still right on the border between needing to come in and not -- the contractions were between 3-6 min apart but not regular. So we stayed at home for another hour or so, I had a piece of toast, DH made coffee for himself and a snack and walked the dog. 

We went in to the hospital about 3:30 or so and were hooked up to the monitor and getting checked by 4am. I was at 4 cm and the nurse told me I'm not going home without a baby! We were excited about that. She hooked me up to the monitors and started going through the intake questions. My contractions kept getting stronger and she decided to skip ahead to putting in the IV since I was going to want an epidural. She was also having trouble keeping baby on the monitors doing contractions -- the baby was always so active that this wasn't necessarily unusual for us. But after a few different contractions she was getting concerned, and more and more people kept coming into the room to help out. There were 2 nurses working on the IV (which hurt SO BAD and was probably the worst part of the whole thing for me -- they tried so many different times and I was hyperventillating by the time they got it in). Another nurse was on the phone with my doctor, and another one working on trying to keep baby on the monitor. THey had me lie down, and put on an oxygen mask, They monitored my pulse to make sure that isn't what they were picking up -- it wasn't. During each contraction baby's heart rate would go down from the 140's to the 70's which was really bad. This is where I really started getting scared.

Next thing I knew, my doctor was there (this was maybe about 5am) breaking my water and attaching a scalp electrode to baby's head to get an accurate reading and tell for sure what was going on with her heart beat. I could hear nurses talking about calling one of the other OBs for assistance and that the OR was ready. Another one or two nurses told me they were putting the catheder in, there wasn't time to wait until after the epidural/spinal to do it since the anesthesiologist wasn't there yet (it wasn't all that bad). They confirmed that she was taking huge decels each contraction and then I saw DH was getting dressed in that white plastic gown over his head. My doctor told me that the baby wasn't doing well and I was still only at 4 cm, so she did not think the baby would survive the rest of labor or delivery as things would only get more intense. So we were doing an emergency c-section. I was wheeled into the OR where it was very cold, and DH wasn't allowed in there for several mintues, for some reason. A nurse sat me up and helped me through getting the spinal (again, not that bad! But it did hurt some.) I had a contraction coming on just as the spinal kicked in, so that was a little relief. My legs also felt warm afterwards so at least half of me wasn't cold. 

Next thing I knew they were putting up the screen and DH still wasn't in the room. My doctor and the other OB explained that they like to do c-sections with 2 doctors whenever they can. Then they were cutting me up, and what seemed like an hour later I finally heard the baby crying (DH says it was actually like 5 minutes). She was born at 6:12 am, just over 2 hours after we got admitted. I was so relieved to hear that she was ok. DH called out "she's a girl!" and I saw them pull her out and over to the warmer. DH stayed right with her and looked so overjoyed. I could see both of them from where I was. It took a while longer for them to finish the procedure and stitch me up and by then I was shivering SO bad. They brought Melody over to me but I was scared to hold her because I was shaking so much and couldn't stop. DH held her to me for a minute or two and then he went with her to the nursery. 

Finally they finished stitching me up and DH and Melody rejoined me in the OR recovery room. The whole process was really overwhelming and kind of scary but I am just relieved that she's here and well. I'm so glad, too, that my doctor was back because I really trusted her and feel like she made the right decisions at the right time, so I don't feel any guilt or regret about what happened. Oh, and apparently when they got to her, Melody had the cord wrapped around her several times, including once that was wrapped both around her neck and wrist, basically pinning her head to her hand. So even if her heart had been doing ok it was very unlikely that she would have come out vaginally anyway!

Oh, and I don't think I was the only one who felt rushed and overwhelmed -- On Friday before being discharged from the hospital, a sheepish nurse came in and had me sign the consent for treatment form. Although DH did sign a bunch of paperwork for me while I was getting my IV, apparently nobody had remembered to get that one done until they were looking over my file later.

Now we are back home and I am recovering well and Melody is doing great!


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Sun, 09-16-2012 - 7:53pm

Hair!!!! She and Quinn (andrea's baby) should hook up!! LOL. I don't know why....but I just knew you might need a C-section! It was the very best decision ever...because she is here, beautiful....and you are both well!!!!

Congrats again....... enjoy being a first time mom! They grow up soooo fast!

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Mon, 09-17-2012 - 10:01am

Congratulations, Mama!  She's beautiful!  Glad all went well in the end and she was delivered safely.  Oh, and it's standard procedure for them to bring the spouse in after the spinal and you're prepped for surgery. :smileyhappy: 

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Mon, 09-17-2012 - 6:16pm
She is so pretty! Congrats!
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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 12:32am
So so happy for u...she's so beautiful, being a FTM, I was waiting for ur l&d story impatiently....I m currently 39 weeks and 4 days, at my last checkup, I wasn't dialated at all and only 50% dr says I might be going overdue.... Do keep us updated on ur recovery...