Say it ain't so! Thoughts?

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Say it ain't so! Thoughts?
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 8:57am I bled about 1.5 weeks (normal heavy/clotty blood) after Jackson was born. Then it went to the old brownish/pink and then more like a yellowy/brown mucus. For the past 5 days...I've had next to NOTHING.

With DD...I think my period returned about 5-6 weeks after giving birth....

Jackson is almost 4 weeks old...and today...Bright red blood! Not terribly HEAVY yet...but I suspect this could be my period already!  Jeesh....give me a break!

Thoughts? Anyone out there like me..and get their periods fairly soon after giving birth? I DID Breastfeed for the first 3 weeks....but then POOF my milk dried up..completely! Nada, no more BM. those three weeks..I was able to pump quite a supply and have some in the freezer...since Birdman (Baby Jack) was only able to endure 1-1.5 ounces at a time. I could BF DD long either.....I just don;t have the ample milk the rest of you do! Yes, I'm jealous.

Ok..back to AF..... you think she is here?

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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 10:34am

It certainly sounds it.  My only natural birth was dd #1.  I bled for 8 weeks straight and had AF 4 weeks after that.  With dd#2, I bled for only 2 weeks (c-section) and had AF 6 weeks later.  Both were bf and supplemented with formula.  Ds was another section, bled for 3 weeks, exclusively bf, AF returned at 6 months.

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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 3:02pm
I bled for almost 9 months straight after my daughter. They tried everything to get it to stop......nothing worked though :smileysad:
I would be AF is back for you :smileysad: I am looking into getting a uterine ablation done before DH comes home - kills 2 birds with 1 stone - no more babies and no more periods!!!!
I feel for you - I am sorry she came back so soon!