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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 11:40am

So I am being induced on Monday 9/17, on 9/19 (wednesday) I have a mandatory and very informaitonal pre deployment meeting to go to, then 10 days later we will be taking a road trip for 12 hours to go back to our homestate for pre deployment leave. 

OMG.....I feel so overwhelmed, not to mention we will be staying with my in laws - who will be at work during the week thankfully - but who have made it abundantly clear they really are not big fans of me. :smileysad: 

During this trip home my DH is planning on fishing and relaxing - no problem - I got this. However apparently there are talks of going back and forth to the coast very early in the morning for this and staying at other peoples houses and you get the picture. 

I am not thrilled in the least to feel uncomfortable for 11 days, where I can't cook, or put the baby anywhere other than my arms because there are 4 dogs and the house is......well it makes me nervous. Thankfully all the pet snakes and spiders are outside - no joke. 

Any tips on how to keep my sanity. I am already dreading this trip - trying to look at the positive - but the woman doesn't even respond to messages from me, she just calls her son (my DH) and talks to him - completely ignoring me. I am supposed to stay there for 11 days - not to mention I have a specific diet to follow and their fridge is full of foods that are years old. :smileysad: I am a clean freak and all I want to do is clean their house and throw away all the old rotting food and vaccuum. 

I love you guys - for listenting to me and giving me adivce. :smileyhappy:

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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 12:22pm

Good grief!  Any chance of convincing your dh to book a hotel room for a few days of it?  As for the special diet, I'd bring my own food.  It seems like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't anyway, so you may as well do what you need to on that front, lol.  As for the dogs, snakes, spiders and fridge....EWWWWWW.  Sending you hugs and strength.  I'd likely end up beating someone, lol.

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Wed, 09-12-2012 - 12:37pm

Two words..... Extended stay! Find a hotel with weekly rates and kitchenettes! I know it is not cheap....But I'm sorry..this is EXACTLY the reason we DO NOT stay overnights at my in-laws. Granted..My in-laws seem to like me, and they have fresh and healthy food/meals.....But they are Hoarders/slobs. Their DISGUSTING...I would not DARE place one of my children on their 1970's SHAG carpeting that has 30 plus years of dog and cat pee/stains on it. My DH is horrified by the condition of their house, and tells his parents to clean UP if they want us to come and stay for more than a few hours.

You cannot stay there with a NEW will already be high strung enough..and add the disgusting condition of thier home, and the Mini-petting zoo they have going on....FORGET IT. No.

Hugs to you...and sending you strength to make it through it!!! FIND THE MONEY and get a hotel....with a kitchen!!!! LOL