Chinese Gender Chart!

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Chinese Gender Chart!
Fri, 01-06-2012 - 8:42am

As legend would have it, the Chinese Gender Chart was buried in a royal tomb over 700 years ago. Recently discovered, the chart has been used to predict the gender of an unborn child based on the

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Fri, 01-06-2012 - 1:41pm
According to that its a girl, i have to say it was right w/ my other two.. we will see tho ;)

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Fri, 01-06-2012 - 2:21pm

According to the chart, it's a girl. If it's true, it will be quite a surprise, since DH's family

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Fri, 01-06-2012 - 3:03pm
says girl! (fingers crossed! lol) It was right last time! However, I'd be very surprised if it's a girl based on the science of it all. We dtd the day AFTER I o'd and male sperm are faster.
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Fri, 01-06-2012 - 5:27pm
Says boy for me! It was wrong last time, so fingers crossed it's wrong this time too! We're rally hoping for a girl!

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Sat, 01-07-2012 - 5:03pm

According to mine I will have a boy (secrectly wanting to join team blue) and looking back it was right for my daughter 8 years ago!!! Gotta love accuracy!

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Sat, 01-07-2012 - 11:09pm
If I am, it says girl. It was right with all my other 3. I have one daughter and two sons so a girl would be perfect. Hoping!

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Mon, 01-09-2012 - 9:43am
According to this, it would be a boy. I have two boys already and it is wrong for both of them. Maybe it'll be wrong again this time and I'll have a girl instead. :)
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Sat, 01-21-2012 - 8:17pm
It says a girl for me and it was right for my dd, we'll see!