Just 'A Little Snip'

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Just 'A Little Snip'
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 11:14am

Few women go into the delivery room planning to have an episiotomy -- a cut made in the delicate tissues between a woman's vagina and anus. But many do, and episiotomy has become a common, if under-discussed, aspect of hundreds of thousands of women's birth stories in the last century.

"Now, [medical] residents know we don't do episiotomies unless, in our clinical judgment, we feel it is indicated," said Dr. John Repke, an OB-GYN with Penn State's College of Medicine, who helped draft the guidelines. An example: Doctors might decide to perform an episiotomy if the fetal heart rate is dropping and they need to get a baby out fast, he explained.


Have you discussed your wishes regarding having an episiotomy with your doctor?  Did you have one with previous births?

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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 11:44am

My DD required an episiotomy.....due to her rapid and serious Decels in HR while delivering her. They needed to make room to get her out FAST...... to the awaiting NICU team. It took a few minutes to get her to breathe.....but once she did...she pinked up and was FINE. She was born at 38.5 weeks.

The recovery: Discomfort, pain, itching, and healing process.....was daunting. Really uncomfortable.But....it WAS necessary in that case.

This last delivery...6 days ago (at 37.5 weeks)....No episiotomy. A SLIGHT tear on my Labia which required just 2 small stitches (versus the 9 stitches I had with DD).... because the tear was TINY, I have had no discomfort or issues this time around. I'm glad they didn;t have to "cut me" this time....and he was TINY..... so I lucked out.