More Contractions

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More Contractions
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 7:04am

I went to the Dr yesterday because again I was having contractions that became progressively stronger for over 24 hours. Doc told me that my cervix was thinning out, but that I still wasn't dilating. He said that he thought that by the end of the weekend I would have a baby. 
Then he instructed me that if my contractions became 5 minutes apart for longer than an hour that I needed to head to the hosptial. Also if my water broke or I started bleeding I needed to go. So I agreed and asked him if he would do anything if I went to help me along - since I have done this 2 times before and it took 27 hours of an induction to get me to dilate to 2cm with my daughter.... 
He said that if I was pumping out contractions without cervical change that he would help assist the dilation process- once I hit 37 weeks

I will be 37 weeks on Saturday.

My contractions sped up yesterday afternoon, I called the office and told them that we were going to hospital - doing what I was told to do. My dr is not on call, his wife is. So they monitor me for 2 hours and asked me all the questions - then proceeded to tell me that I was lying to them about what the dr told me. That it is a medical liability for him to help me at 36w5d. All because this stupid nurse wouldn't shut up to listen to me explain fully. She then went and called the doc on call and she agreed that I was lying and to send to me home.

I am beyond pissed off. I am regretting more and more not going to the hospital on post. The nurses at the city hospital have been nothing but obnoxious to me - telling me that I am lying and faking contractions..... not quite sure how you fake contractions that are coming up on the monitor every 3 minutes just like I told them - but ok.....

I had more respect from nurses when I was 17 and having my daughter than I do at 26 with my son.
My husband and I have decided that we are just going to wait it out and stop going in. All it does is upset me and he hates the way the nurses are treating me.
So lets see if I end up with a home birth - lol  

after how difficult this pregnancy has been - the nurse that called me a liar asked me about my other birth and I told her about the induction - she pretty much told me that I probably won't dilate and will have to be induced again, so I might as well stop coming in and hoping that my cervix is changing, cause it's not going too. That comment set me off even more - seeing as I do not want another 3 day induction and my doc promised that wouldn't happen. I feel more and more helpless and more and more like I will end up with a c section or a very long induction.

I just want this kid out of me - he is huge - everyone tells me I am lying - and i just want to cry.  

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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 9:33am
Have you talked to your dr about their incredibly condescending attitude? That's insane and not at all appropriate. They also should have comment cards at some place in the hospital, fill one out, or better yet call the administration. She might not care if you're upset, but someone does and chances are if she's being ugly to you she's being ugly to other people.
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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 9:56am

That sounds so frustrating, I'm sorry. I can't believe they would treat you that way! Just dealing with what your body is going through would be frustrating itself, without having to deal with rude disrespectful people who won't listen to you properly. I would also try to talk to a manager or somehow report the way they are treating you, it might not have much effect but if it were me, it would make me feel better that I had at least addressed it. 

Hang in there! You want your baby to stay in until 37 weeks anwyay, if only your body were on the same page. Hopefully they will be more willing to work with you this weekend when you officially get to 37. 

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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 12:22pm

I'm right there with you.  I'll also be 37 weeks on Saturday and dr's already commented that she'll be my biggest one yet.  Ds was born 17 days early at 9 lbs 4 oz.  I'm so uncomfortable, constant reflux, foot swelling, can't eat, throw up almost daily and just ready to be done.  I'm a scheduled c-section, but he only does surgery on Tuesdays.  That means 4 days before our due date.  Even the dr. expects me to go into labor on my own.  All that changes is that I'd be an emergency section and he'd take the baby that day.  The hospital doesn't allow scheduling more than 7 days out.  My dr. already assured me that all would be well with a slight risk of respiratory and suckling issues and/or jaundice if delivered before 37 weeks.  My suggestion for what you went through is to speak with a Patient Advocate at the hospital and tell them what happened.  It's their job to keep patients happy and to speak up for them.  Also, bring it up to your dr.  That's ridiculous that you should be treated that way after following what he instructed you to do.  Hugs.