Heels During Pregnancy

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Heels During Pregnancy
Mon, 04-08-2013 - 10:16am

Seems a celeb mama-to-be can't step out in stilettos without making worldwide headlines.Kate HudsonKourtney KardashianJessica Simpson and Victoria Beckhamwere all snapped in precarious footwear when they were expecting, and in some instances roasted in the name of their unborn babies' safety. The newest pregnant celebs spotted in sky-high-heels: Kim KardashianKate Middleton, Jessica Simpson (again) andHolly Madison

It's true that pregnancy hormones can loosen your ligaments, making you more likely to turn an ankle. And carrying 20 pounds of baby bump does tend to offset your balance. But celebrities are not the rest of us -- and they are likely much more used to walking on chopstick-thin heels than mere mortals. Plus, they all seem to take responsible precautions before setting out in sky-high heels: When they teeter outside, there's usually a chauffeured limousine idling nearby, a hunky rocker/athlete baby-daddy to hang on to, and a cushy red carpet beneath their feet to provide secure traction. So we're going to cut them some slack.

For anyone sick of comfy sensible pregnancy shoes, here are 16 pregnant celebs sporting (and okay, sometimes rocking) super-high heels. Don't try this at home.

See Pregnant Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian Wear Sky-High Heels- WOW- http://www.ivillage.com/how-okay-why-do-pregnant-celebs-walk-crazy-heels/6-a-348117?nlcid=pb%7C04-08-2013%7C&_mid=661135&_rid=661135.8507.59680

What do you think about wearing heels while pregnant? Anyone wearing heels during this pregnancy?  

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Thu, 04-11-2013 - 1:06pm

I have to give those ladies a lot of credit.  I have a hard time walking in heels on a good NON-pregnant day.  I can't imagine wearing them later in pregnancy! 

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