Hi I'm new here

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Hi I'm new here
Mon, 07-08-2013 - 12:27pm

My name is Stephanie, I am due to have my very first baby September 6.  I have tried posting here before, but for some reason it won't post.  Anyway I had planned to have a natrual birth in a birthing center so I decided early on that I didn't want any scans done, as I was going to keep my baby no matter what.  I told my midwife that if it were something that had to be done then I would do it, but if she saw no reason then I just didn't want it done.  This decision had nothing to do with money it was just a gut feeling that everthing was going just fine.  I had my prenatal care done just as anyone has so I am not completely out of my mind.  My huband and I are very excited to have our first child.  It was planned, but did take some time, almost 2 years. I was starting to get concerned and had made an appointment to my OB, but before I could see her I found out I was pregnant.  We were both over the moon.  We started making decisions like testing, scans and where would we like to have the baby.  Here's where it gets fun and scarry at the same time. I went in for my last monthly appointment with my midwife, let me say before that appointment something shifted and I got huge all of a sudden and the stretch marks came right with it.  I was doing so good with no stretch marks.  So anyway, can you tell I like to talk lol.  My midwife came in and did all the regular things that she does, but when she measured me I went from nomarl to 40 week that was 6 weeks too much.  At this point she felt their was noway to avoid a scan if we wanted the baby to stay healthy.  So the next day, and let me tell you it was hard waiting, I had my scan.  I really didn't know what I was looking at because this was my first and the ultrasound lady told me because the baby was so big I might not see much.  I did not want to find out what I was having that was my only request.  So she starts looking and does a bunch of measuring and tell me that the BABIES look fine.  At first I didn't hear it.  Then she asked if this was my first pregnancy, uh yah, she said she had always wanted TWINS and I asked her what did that have to do with me.  She said ya your twins are doing fine.  OMG 2 babies! I go back to my midwife and she said that this happens sometimes that she doesn't hear the heartbeat of the second baby if they are laying on top of each other and when I felt the shift and started measuring bigger it is because the babies are beside each other now.  My husband and I were in shock, still am.  The scan did reveal that my cervix is starting to change so I was put on bedrest. Holly cow going from one to two in 2 days and now on bedrest so I can't prepare. WOW is all I can say.  I know that this is a blessing and we take it as that, but it is still scarry.  My midwife started to explain that I can still try to deliver at the center, it is right across from the hospital or we can do it at the hospital and just have minimal intervention.  I still haven't decided and I don't think I have time to think it over.  So this September baby or babies might be born in August.  I want to say I have read many stories and being on bedrest it does help pass the time.  So I hope I can join your group even though it might be August when I deliver.  Thanks for reading my story.


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Wow!  Congratulations on expecting TWINS!  What a blessing and a shock all at the same time!  How are you holding up on bedrest?  Welcome to the board- we are so happy to have you here! 

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