New Circumcision Study

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New Circumcision Study
Thu, 04-18-2013 - 10:41am

Circumcision changes the bacteria ecosystem of the penis, perhaps explaining why the foreskin-snipping procedure reduces the risk of HIV infection, a new study finds.

A year after men received circumcisions, the total bacterial load in the area that used to be under the foreskin dropped significantly, researchers report today (April 16) in the journal mBio. Anaerobic bacteria, which thrive in limited oxygen, declined most dramatically. Some aerobic bacteria, which need oxygen to live, increased.

"It's dramatic," study researcher Lance Price, a genetic epidemiologist at George Washington University in Washington, D.C, said in a statement. "From an ecological perspective, it's like rolling back a rock and seeing the ecosystem change."

Circumcision Changes Penis Bacteria Ecosystem, May Explain Lower HIV Risk-

What are your plans for circumcision? Does this study help change your mind at all?

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