We're in China and need help/advice about our ectopic pregnancy ASAP! Are we getting fooled?

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We're in China and need help/advice about our ectopic pregnancy ASAP! Are we getting fooled?
Mon, 06-04-2012 - 1:43am

First let me preface this by saying we're in China and can't head Stateside at the moment.

My wife and I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. 

Wednesday we went and had our first ultrasound, which revealed a mass (is it called an ectopic mass?) of 6.7 cm. 

Friday we went and had our first blood test, which revealed an HCG level of 562.

Monday we went and did another ultrasound and blood test. This time the mass was 8.2 with HCG levels of 368. This is the day we checked into the hospital.


That evening they began giving her medicine to take. During this week I was reading more and found that if the mass is smaller than 3.5 cm and HCG levels are lower than 3000 then patients are usually given Methotrexate. Since my wife's was larger I suspected they had given her something different. So I asked. Turns out she's been taking Mifepristone. Some googling before my battery died was starting to sound like Mifepristone either doesn't work or doesn't work AND can cause a rupture @_@


It's now been one week. Yesterday, Sunday, we took another ultrasound and blood test. This time the ultrasound revealed a mass of 7.8 with HCG levels at 56.


Now the doctors are saying she should take the Mifepristone for three more days then after that, take some traditional Chinese medicine. They've also began giving her some sort of heat treatment. It looks basically like a lamp placed to shine down on her belly. Not sure at all how they think it's going to help or why. 


Now given all this, what do you guys think? Does any of this sound familiar? Are the doctors giving us the run around, being incompetent or really helping us? I need advice ASAP on what to do here. If we could we would fly Stateside but we can't right now, so we're stuck here and have no choice but to deal with the doctors here. My wife is Chinese and I suspect that if they're messing with us, that may be part of the reason.


Thanks a ton.

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How is your wife doing now?

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