I won't be ttc for 3 mos.....

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I won't be ttc for 3 mos.....
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 10:22am
At my last dr's appt she ran a bunch of blood work and I found out I'm not immune to measels or the mumps. So my dr. suggested I get an immunization for it ASAP if I wasn't pg. The only catch ~ I can't ttc for 3 MORE MONTHS! Uugghhhhhh!

AF showed her nasty self on Sunday so DH and I decided that I should get the shot ASAP. So, I had the shot on Monday.

I have VERY mixed feeling right now. I've been ttc since 10/99 and have had 1 ep (2/01) 2 m/cs (7/02 & 10/02) and now I have to wait 3 more months. By the time I have kids I'll be 90 years old.... :0 Ok, that's NOT possible but I feel like my biological clock is ticking at warp speed now...

Again, I can't say I'm depressed. I'm more disappointed than anything. I know how fast 3 months goes. One big positive, I'm going to Hawaii in 4 1/2 more weeks and can enjoy a frosty drink with no worries. *yum!*

I'll check in every once and a while to say hi! I REALLY HOPE EVERYONE GRADUATES FROM THIS BOARD VERY SOON. Sending you all GOOD LUCK VIBES!



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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 10:51am
{{Amy}}, this sounds like a cruel joke! Geez, how come no one caught it before, like during the ep? You would have been waiting already. I am sorry about that wait. But you are right, 3 months will fly by (and a trip to Hawaii will surely help pass the time very pleasantly), and you will jump back on the ttc train. Your dr is very proactive - you are in good hands.

I know how you feel about the bio clock ticking. I am 36 and terrified of another ep. With a 3 month wait, I will be at least 37 with my next child. What a frightening thought!Sorry to be such a downer. On the contrary, I wish I had some of your sunny outlook on life! So please, come around the board more often (even while on hold) to share your optimism with us.



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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 6:24pm

I am so sorry you are having to go through this now too! Gosh..enough is enough! Hopefully you are getting all of the mess out of the way and it will be smooth sailing into pregnancy when you are able to ttc again.

Have a great time on your trip!!!! I am so jealous! ;)

Take Care


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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 8:52am
OH Amy...I'm so sorry, you've been through so much...I had to get the shots for measles too after I was pg after the sb cuz they found that I wasn't immune either! 3 months will go by very quickly especially since you are travelling to Hawaii...that will help....but just make sure you are taking precautions not to get pg these next 3 months as it can be harmful to the baby!

You are going to have an awesome time in Hawaii...how long are you staying & what islands are you visiting? I went there for my honeymoon!

Have an awesome time & even though you are "on hold" you can still come here to vent whenever you need to....we're still all here for you....