Have you tested your lead levels?

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Have you tested your lead levels?
Mon, 12-30-2013 - 9:19am

Have you had the lead levels checked in your house, especially the water supply?  If you live in an older home it might be something to consider, at least it would give you some peace of mind if you test clear. 

A new study by Virginia Tech civil and environmental engineering professor Marc Edwards finds that stillbirths and miscarriages increased during two periods when lead levels in Washington, D.C.'s drinking water were elevated.

This seems “to confirm the expectation, based on prior research, that about 20 to 30 extra fetal deaths occurred each year that the lead in water was high,” Edwards told the Washington Post.

The Washington Post writes that this study "contrasts sharply with government-led health studies that were released amid an outcry after people learned of hazardous lead in the water in 2004. Those studies largely rejected the notion that the water had harmed public health."

Edwards also revisits a "miscarriage cluster" in the USA Today building in Rosslyn, Va. -- an area just outside the District, which drew from the same water supply, and where women working on two floors undergoing renovations had a 100 percent miscarriage rate.

Federal investigators "were unable to determine what caused numerous miscarriages among employees at USA Today's headquarters" the Los Angeles Times reported in 1990.

Edwards writes in the new study that, reexamining the data, exposure to high levels of lead in drinking water "was a possible causal factor in the USA Today miscarriage cluster."'

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/27/lead-washington-dc-drinking-water_n_4508163.html?ir=Parents&ref=topbar

You could probably ask your doctor for a lead test to see if you have elevated levels.  What do you think about this study?