The lonely grief of miscarriage

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The lonely grief of miscarriage
Thu, 05-23-2013 - 2:10pm

I wanted to pass along this rticle, the author has had six miscarriages and is very honest about the losses, dealing with the bitterness, anger and loneliness: 

Our society conspires to render miscarriage invisible. There is an unwritten rule that a woman should never announce her pregnancy until she reaches three months "just in case". Just who is this helping? The first trimester is when a woman does the work of creating the baby. Every organ in the baby's body is formed, and the mother experiences worse fatigue and nausea than at any other point of gestation. Women need to be supported through this vulnerable period and, with no outward sign that they are pregnant, how are they going to access that help if they can't ask for it?

And if they miscarry, as one in six early babies will, women need even more support through their trauma. "Not telling" leaves women stranded with their grief. How can they begin to explain that they are mourning the loss of something whose existence was kept secret in the first place?

You can read her complete story at this link:

Does it help to know that other's can relate to the pain you are going through?