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Yesterday I found out at around 3pm with 2 BFP that I was pregnant.  I had been having some symptoms of exhaustion, tender breasts, crampiness and backaches.  (I have 2 older children so I'm familiar with the symptoms).  At 7 last night, I went to the restroom and there was a streak of light pink/kinda browninsh blood on the tp.  It happened several times throughout the night.  I had a pantiliner on and there was never enough to even spot the liner.  I did notice a small piece of tissue at about 8 (it was probably the length of a pencil eraser, but thinner).  I had a little more bleeding (light still) last night.  This AM, I've had only small stain of blood on the tp.  I estimate I am (or was) approximately 4ish weeks. No clots, no bright red blood. 

If I was miscarrying, would there been more blood or should I anticipate more to come?  I'm calling my OB once there office opens.  I'm supposed to leave tomorrow with my hubby to the DR for a much needed vacation :/



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Have you had any more bleeding?  Please let me know how you are doing.  (((HUGS)))