Moving forward...

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Moving forward...
Wed, 04-17-2013 - 3:25pm

This article really hits home on how hard it can be to deal with another woman's pregnancy after a loss, that in order to move forward you have to contront this issue.  The author reveals her emotions on finding out her therapist, the one she has been seeing since the loss of her twins at 20 weeks, was also pregnant with twins.  Her first reaction was tears, but being in a safe place allowed her to confront her pain head on: 

We spent a good portion of that session talking about that, and in a way it was almost a relief to deal with her pregnancy, right there, in my face. I want so badly to not have this reaction forever, and this was probably a great place to start. A safe place with someone who completely understands, from a non-emotional view, why I would cry. No offense taken, no hurt feelings, no angry words. She got it, and I was able to start to work on issues that are still there.

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It is so hard to watch others around you going through a pregnancy when you are still dealing with your own grief.  Do you think that being in this type of situation would help you in the same way as it did the author?