One Mom's Story

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One Mom's Story
Tue, 10-15-2013 - 3:40pm

In honor of Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day, I wanted to pass along this story from the Huffington Post.  The author talks about her stillbirth, the feelings they had and the birth of her angel baby.  

I often wonder, Why did my child die? Why did I put my husband through all of this pain? He could have easily married a woman who could have carried a healthy child to term. As we learned through therapy, these were all painful but normal feelings. Other women had what we so desperately wanted, a healthy baby growing inside of them. I wasn't my best self during these times. I was jealous and bitter at points, going through the holiday season with no child. I had to give myself and my husband a break. We were human and it was unbelievably hard. We clung to each other and our hope and faith that our situation would get better. We were meant to have children. We had a nursery for Christ's sake! We did not want to be bitter, so we put all our eggs (haha) in one basket and tried again. And that made all of the difference.

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(((HUGS))) to you all.