A Way To Honor Your Angel

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A Way To Honor Your Angel
Thu, 08-29-2013 - 1:17pm

A mom who lost a baby to stillbirth created a project that sends out a memory charm necklaces to parents who have also had a loss: 

The project, Held Your Whole Life, was named after a letter Barth wrote to read at Asher’s funeral. In it, she described how she felt fortunate she was able to keep Asher away from pain and suffering because she was able to hold him his whole life.

Since its launch in 2012, Held Your Whole Life has made 2,500 free necklaces, shipped as far as Bulgaria and Australia. The delicate charms have the child’s name and slogan “Held your whole life” imprinted on them. Currently, there are 1,800 open requests for necklaces and a 3-month waiting list from parents requesting that their stillborn child’s name be memorialized. Barth funds the project through donations and sponsorships, and works with 13 volunteers.

Read more: http://www.today.com/moms/grieving-parents-way-honor-babies-who-never-took-breath-8C11009959

Have you requested one for yourself?