2010 or bust...

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2010 or bust...
Sun, 12-20-2009 - 8:27am

I am sitting here in NY staring out the window at 10inches of snow... which is so pretty... and just knowing that a new year is around the corner is comforting.

Yet, also nerve wracking. DH and I have decided that this is our last full year of trying... if we are not PG by end of 2010 then thats it. We are truly happy with each other. If adoption works out, then it does.

But, we are getting tired of the pain each month and the pain each year that we dont have a baby for Christmas.

So now every prayer and finger crossing means everything.... We are both hoping that it does work out for us!

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Sun, 12-20-2009 - 9:50am
I'm hoping you a blessed with a beautiful baby this year! 2010 is your year!!!



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Sun, 12-20-2009 - 9:52am

GL, Danielle!

DH and I haven't had the when-we'll-stop-ttc conversation yet.

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Sun, 12-20-2009 - 8:41pm
Sending you my hopes for you and your DH


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Mon, 12-21-2009 - 12:20pm
I have until May before we call it quits. DH will be 45 in May. He feels that is too old to continue. He is firm on this. I will do 3 more rounds of IUI and at least 1 round of IVF before then.

Cindy age 38, DH 44


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Mon, 12-21-2009 - 10:38pm

Things have to look up in 2010. I have been longing for 2010 to get here since March and feel so good that it is finally almost here. It gives me hope knowing my husband and I will have a fresh start.

I will be praying that you and I have healthy babies in 2010:)


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Tue, 12-22-2009 - 1:22am

Danielle and all the ladies - I am praying for us all that we have happy healthy screaming babies in 2010.

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