New here --Hannah's story

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New here --Hannah's story
Sat, 04-05-2003 - 8:28am
My name is Pam and I recently lost my daughter Hannah Noelle on February 3, 2003. She

was born still due to a rapid accute infection of group b sepsis. I was 41 weeks pregnant when the doctor decided to strip my membranes without my permission. This was on Friday January 30. He then told me to go home "have lots of sex" and wait for either labor to begin or to come back monday morning to be induced.

Labor did not begin over the weekend so on Monday morning I went to the hosptial to find out my precious daughter was gone. I was hooked up to the fetal heart monitors and and there was no heartbeat. I then had to continue with the induction and about 12 hours later I got to hold my beautiful, perfect but dead daughter.

I had no explaination of what had caused her death for the first 4 weeks, then finally the autopsy came in saying that the interuterine fetal demise was attributed to a rapid accute gbs sepsis (Blood poisoning). The only place they found the infection was in blood they collected form her heart. It is uncommon for a baby that has been exposed to gbs to only have it in her blood there are usually other symptoms of the infection such as damage to the lungs there is usually evidence of gbs in the placenta and amnionic fluid if the infection has been with the baby over a longer period of time. Her placenta only had a trace amount of gbs which was attributed to being delivered vaginally. Where it only affected her blood it was a short term exposure.

This makes me believe it was my dr's fault. He Stripped my membranes and allowed the infection to attack my baby. He should have known not to do this to a gbs+ woman. I should have known more about gbs--but in my defense he told me it was "NO big deal" "don't worry about it you'll get antibiotics in labor and everything will be fine" Well it is so far from fine I can hardly breathe. I had even requested a urine test and was flatly refused one their reason was that it was unneccessary I would still be treated only in labor with antibiotics.

I guess my question would be is there anyone else out there with this type of situation? My husband and I are working on getting more educational information out to dr's and pregnant women. I had looked up gbs when I found out I was postive. I looked at about 3 different "official" sites but my seach was not real extensive because I was told it was no big deal, but what I found pretty much was what my dr told me just treat it in labor with antibiotics, also most gbs sites do not offer information about cervical manipuation (i.e. internals or membrane stripping) even the cdc (center for disease control) does not speak for or against it. I had to dig deeper to find info againt it but it was after the fact.

Why is such a common sense prevention not practiced and preached about? I do know that what happened to my daughter was rare but it should never have happened at all. Hannah should be here in my arms where she belongs.

I must seem like I am just rambling on and I apologize but I just miss her so much...I can't even remember if I posted here or not. My mind is still so numb. It will be nine weeks on Monday that Hannah was delivered and it all feels like a bad dream that maybe I will wake up soon and everything will be ok... Yeah right!

I am trying to get pregnant again the only thing that will help me deal with this is another baby to hold in my arms --not a replacemet by any means there will only ever be one Hannah...but my arms ache to hold a new baby. I hope it is ok to join you ladies on this board I had to pick one because I can't remember who I have said what to on what board and it is making my head spin more than it already is.

So again sorry if I have already posted my story but I wanted to make everyone aware of what can happen if you are gbs+ and how easily it can be prevented. Hannah's life has to have a purpose --maybe it was to save other childrens lives.

~Pam MacDonald -mother of Jessica-Jillian-and-Hannah

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