Not Officially Here Yet, But...

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Not Officially Here Yet, But...
Thu, 11-26-2009 - 11:41am

I don't want to wait anymore.

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Thu, 11-26-2009 - 4:10pm
So sorry for the loss of Adam. For me Murphy's law did set in. I hope your journey is short and ends with a healthy take home baby.

Cindy age 38, DH 44

Chemical pregnancy Aug 5th 2009 Levon lost @ 28 weeks due to a cord accident June 19th 2008. TTC for 18 cycles and counting :(






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Sat, 11-28-2009 - 10:56pm
I wish the best for you! Maybe we will be getting preggo at the same time again! Can't wait till Hubby gets home so we can try try try try...:)